caties captures


we are so excited you stopped by our page. basing our photography off the song of solomon verse," you have captured my heart." it is our mission to capture genuine images of your love. we do not settle for only stale posed images but thrive on creating authentic moments . we do not just want to be your photographers - we want to be new friends! it sounds corny but it is true, because we really believe the BEST way to TRULY capture you, is to know you. the real you. so... feel free to look at the boxes below to learn a bit more about us (catie is seafoam/adam is tan) and then head on over to our contact page so we can get this friendship started!

catie & adam

If we weren't photographers, we would be professional photobooth photo-bombers!

If I could drive my current car until I died, never buying another one, I would.

my best friends are the same ones i met in high school. we no longer live in the same cities but skype is a fantastic way to keep in touch.

If I had more time in the day, I would finally really learn guitar
i own too many pairs of shoes to count but i prefer to be barefoot

i make the best cheesecake you'll ever taste

When it comes to board games I am one of the most competitve people you'll meet. Wanna play?
In the summer when I am not photographing you can find me at the lake.
Oreos and peanut M&Ms are to me what kryptonite was to Superman.
Camping is my favorite warm weather activity.
s'mores over a campfire are my favorite dessert

i am one of those people who actually enjoys working out, despite being surrounded by guys with arms as big as my legs

chapstick and sunglasses are my favorite accessories along with a big purse... a really big purse